Big Data Analytics for Search Intelligence Information System

Business Scenario

The client is an online technical reference collection provider that helps practicing engineers and applied scientists around the world to solve complex problems by providing relevant and reliable technical information, best practice insights, validated materials and substances data.

The Challenge

The client was expanding the portal with more content from its library to generate more exposure to its customers. They wanted a data search and management system to handle and process a large chunk of data. In order to keep pace with the content release, a strategic engagement plan had to be created.

Solution Highlights

  • An optimized, intelligent & fast search framework facilitating geospatial and document search operations from large data sets (200+ GB) stored across multiple Solr servers
  • Big data infrastructure with over 40 virtual servers under the load balancer serving capacity of 500 request per second with over 100 concurrent users
  • Supports intelligent search from 6 million documents in less than 2 secs
  • Apache-Solr powered fast-faceted document search
  • Analysis engine to handle and process a large chunk of data size of approximately 1TB
  • API-level indexing through integrated search functionality of Lucene


  • Increased contextual search accuracy with Machine Learning to understand and respond to query
  • Improved solution performance with quick document processing
  • Increased precision in data acquisition
  • Enhanced optimization in search capabilities with searching multimillion text, files, tables, graph, equations etc.