NFC based payment

Business Scenario

The client is managing one of the largest commercial brand in Germany. He is providing a wallet to the brand enabling mobile financial services to their customers.

The Challenge

For efficient management of public transport and considering the latest ticket purchase trends with increased uptake of electronic tickets client wanted to leverage NFC technology in developing a mobile ticketing solution for public transport.

Solution Highlights

  • Service registration for new users with secured login mechanism for existing members to manage account details and view ticket purchase history
  • Intelligent fare price calculation algorithm to calculate precise journey fare based on boarding and de-boarding stations
  • NFC tag based auto check-in and check-out
  • Provision to top-up account with credit card
  • QR-code based ticket generation
  • Integrated back-office component to manage customer accounts with provision to define stations & tier-ticket pricing, and to generate MIS reports


  • Flexibility to customize journey
  • Allow purchasing only the services that passenger value most
  • Easy and convenient contactless ticketing and payment solution
  • Hassle-free mobile tickets with no more pieces of paper to lose