Remote Home Auotmation

Business Scenario

The client is Canada based ISV whose core expertise in automation projects mainly into property and infrastructure. They have developed a dynamic proprietary platform to maintain their top position and maintenance work. We helped the client in the development of a mobile application to access & control home electrical appliances at real-time from a remote location over a secured VPN connection.

The Challenge

The client was having different brands of smart devices in his home. For this, he has to download different apps to control each device and communicate with them. This increased the hassles of operating too many apps.

Solution Highlights

  • HTML5 based mobile client app for home control
  • OpenVPN based secured authentication and remote accessibility & connectivity to the core backend service
  • Remote access to configured home lighting and appliances
  • View real-time device status & remote ON or OFF home electrical equipment including fan, light, door lock and AC
  • Track & measure energy consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis
  • Control & set room temperature
  • Remote access and control home web camera


  • Remote access of home appliances encourages environmental friendly usage
  • Decreased expenses and better maintenance
  • Easy to access and always accessible
  • Enhanced information preservation