IoT Application Development

In the digital transformation era, IoT ecosystems accelerate operational efficiency, reduce costs and bring innovations by securely combining the applications with various devices and sensors. We live the entire development and delivery life cycle starting from concepts collaboration, prototyping, and business models, to market launch and analytics.


Engaging customers through wearable technology, healthcare, fitness, assisted driving, consumer services and vehicles

Enterprise level applications like smart city, transportation monitoring, energy monitoring, process automation and manufacturing automation through sensor technology

Automating the shop floor for smooth planning and scheduling

Futuristic Initiatives

Augmented and virtual reality

iBeacons and NFC based micro location solutions

Fingerprint and face-recognition

Ant+Radio for health and fitness applications

Predictive modelling

Our Achievements

Predictive maintenance solution increases equipment health and reduces maintenance cost

Home Automation increases the visibility of energy consumption and efficient management of devices

Wearable device applications effectively monitor patient/consumer

Real-time Location Tracking

Real-time Location Tracking

RFID based real-time asset management and tracking solution for hospitals

Remote Home Automation

Remote Home Automation

Real time access and control electrical home appliances from remote locations

NFC Based Payment

NFC-enabled Mobile Ticketing Solution

Implemented NFC enabled mobile ticketing solution for public transport with a tag based check in-out system.