Legacy Migration Services

To increase revenue and customer satisfaction and reduce time-to-market, enterprises adopt newer technologies such as cloud, mobility, IoT, blockchain and DevOps. This brings scalability and agility to their business. However, to achieve this, they need to upgrade the existing solutions into newer technology, increase functionalities, and provide intuitive user experience. Migration practice at Gateway Digital helps organizations to modernize their legacy applications and transform digitally.


Legacy application migration to cloud

Legacy application re-designing/re-transformation/re-engineering

Enterprise application integration

Data migration

Technology and UI modernization

Code re-structuring

Language adaptation

DevOps for legacy migration

Our Achievements

25% increase in efficiency for multiple accounting bureaus of Finland through a financial invoicing self-service application

33% reduction in batch processing time through performance optimization of large databases

30+ European giants use our modernized and SEPA compliant retail ERP solutions

Integrated Financial Management

Integrated Financial Management Suite Migration

Strategic initiative towards technology transformation of legacy financial management product using the latest Microsoft technology and cloud computing in a SaaS model.

Multi-Tenant ITSM

Multi-Tenant ITSM Platform

State-of-art SaaS based helpdesk management and self-service platform that simplifies and automates ITIL service delivery process of fortune 500 companies.